AFIS Products

We Specialise In Sweet Flavours and Food Colours including Naturals for Food Manufacturers.

Australian Food Ingredient Suppliers (AFIS) has over 600 different flavour and colour products, with Pack sizes to suit your business requirements in the baking, dairy or beverage industries.

Whether you want 20 Kilo or a 1,000 Kilos, we can accommodate your needs.

Australian Food Ingredient Suppliers can supply a wide selection of natural food flavours and colours for baking, confectionery, beverages including all kinds of soft drinks, for cakes, and dairy products including ice-creams and yoghurts.

Our product range includes essential oils, colorites, food dyes, Australian and Asian flavours, piping jelly and starches.

We specialise in heat stable, water soluble and oil soluble flavours for various forms of food preparation.
Halal flavours, an increasingly popular requirement in cooking and baking, is another area where Australian Food Ingredient Suppliers offers a selection of options.

We can also provide your business with custom designed flavours – tell us what you would like and our team will develop flavours to suit your customers’ tastes – literally – including powder, paste or fluid based alternatives.


We have an extensive range of fruit and sweet flavours for the discerning food manufacturer. We do flavours in both liquid and powder.

Natural Flavours

We are continually striving to meet market expectations for natural flavours

Australian Flavours

Try our Australian flavours for something refreshingly new.

Asian Flavours

Australia has a diverse appreciation of flavours and our unique food style of blending Asian and European flavours makes this range ideal.

Colorites (Flavour/ColourBlends)

Ideal for the Baker for a one step application in icings and flavour your cakes and pastrys. Adds colour with the flavour

When the Colour is right, the Flavour is right (dosage 1% to 3% )

Essential Oils

Our range includes some excellent Australian Citrus oils

Food Colours

A complete range of Food Dyes, Laked and both liquid and powder blends. We also carry Natural Colours.
We have a new range of colour pastes.

Food Ingredients General

Our range includes food acids, emulsifiers and vegetable gums.

Piping Jelly and Maple Syrup

Try our freeze thaw stable piping Jelly. This product gives an excellent bead shape but can also be diluted when used for glazing. We also have a maple syrup that is to die for. Make the ordering, creation and distribution of food flavours and colours trouble free.


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