Telstra and The NBN turn off AFIS phones for no reason

AFIS is without phones becasue the NBN saw fit to Turn them off without notify AFIS or its Provider.  It has been 2 weeks and we still dont have phones.

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AFIS Implements new SAP Software

AFIS has successfully implemented their new software package to take them into their next stage of development.

This is a long time overdue in coming improvement to our systems.

AFIS Acheives SQF Certification

AFIS has acheived SQF certification to level 3. 
You can download the certificate by going to our Quality Management page.

AFIS has upgraded their Web.

It now includes our specifications.

Yes thats right.  You can go on line and view the specification of our standard products. You now do not have to down load and update our specs for HACCP audits.  Just book mark our site and have the information available anytime any place.

Tasting Success In the Food and Beverage Industry

Graeme Dossetor has sniffed and nibbled his way to remarkable success over the past 25 years.

No, he’s not a chef and yet chef’s around the country indirectly rely on his nose and palate to create just the right taste for some of your favourite dishes.

And no, unfortunately he’s not a winemaker either.
As Managing Director of AFIS (Australian Food Ingredient Suppliers), one of Australia’s leading flavours and colours companies, his acute ability to judge just the right aroma or essence for his clients is crucial to his business.

AFIS flavours and colours are used in hundreds of food products including drinks and pastries Australians consume every day.
Not surprisingly, Graeme can tell you instantly what are Australian’s favourite flavours.

“In soft drinks it’s the cola flavour, dairy it’s chocolate, juices orange and for  lollies it’s raspberry,” he says.
But, as he just as quickly points out, there are many “chocolate”, “cola”, “orange” or “raspberry” versions of those iconic flavours.
And that’s where Graeme and his team’s expertise comes in.

“Our customers, like drink manufacturers and bakeries will contact us and explain they want a slightly sweeter, or drier or richer version of a particular flavour for a particular ingredient they want to use,” he explained.

“Our food technologists will then begin to develop some flavours according to the customers expressed requirements. There are really no “new” flavours. Like other flavour companies we set out to mimic a particular flavour and then give it a slightly new essence the fills our client’s need.”

Graeme and his team work very closely with each client until they find just the right “mix” that brings to life the flavour that works best for the client’s food or drink.

New Pineapple flavour

AFIS has been working on a new sweet pineapple flavour that is a credit to our development team

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AFIS Launches new Protein Beverage Range

Download the PDF for more information